Wild Weather Ales – Choppy Waters

Wild Weather Ales - Choppy WatersNo marketing babble has yet been published by Wild Weather Ales – or as far as I can find.  So I’ll make some up.

Citrus hops, fairy dust and water from the moon make Choppy Waters a truly out of this world beer.  Made from an ancient recipe that can be traced back to the Cavemen this beer will make you more attractive to women, make you stronger and faster than you’ve ever experienced and give a rapier wit to rival Comedy Club headliners the world over.


Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling): (3.8 / 5)

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3 thoughts on “Wild Weather Ales – Choppy Waters”

  1. A thoroughly drinkable ale but a bit more on the traditional side than some of Wild Weather’s hoppier beers. I imagine this will find favour with a greater number of English Bitter drinkers who’ve never experienced American Pale Ales or any of the new wave of zesty hoppy beers that Wild Weather is famous for. Perhaps you could think of Choppy Waters as a gateway beer – gives you a glimpse of what beers can really be like if the brewmasters really let their imaginations fly!

  2. As you can see from the rating there was a bit of a dispute amongst The Regulars about this one. We all liked it a lot but are getting addicted to some of the hoppier beers we have been sampling recently.

    I personally would have given it 5, except for the fact that it did not make me “more attractive to women” or “stronger and faster”. Although to be fair nothing short of a full body transplant would achieve this!

  3. Wild Weather Ales have created some truly epic beers, Choppy Waters whilst an excellent beer doesn’t quite reach those heights. This maybe because everytime we buy Wild Weather we expect our bells well rung, they’ve just set the bar to high. This beer was co-brewed by the Weatherspoons crowd so maybe they have stifled the creative juices a little.
    That said there would have to be an impressive collection of beers on the bar to prevent a choice of Choppy Waters (and some of those would be Wild Weather Ales own).

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