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The end of the Landl0rd

A wall of beer and not a bearded barman in site. That greeted us at Oak and Stone in downtown Bradenton. The “Wall of beer” was actually two walls dispensing 40 different brews.

On entering, one is given an NFC wristband and each beer has a small display above it. Tap your wristband and pour away, the iPourit system measures the pour in one tenths of a fluid once. I guess other measuring systems exist.

No wait for the bar tender. No need to engage in polite conversation you never wanted in the first place…

Is this the future of the pub?

Can’t comment of the food because after two beers there was a fire alarm, the Fire Department turned up and closed the kitchen! Beer was good though.

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ON TOUR: Malaysia – No beer here

G&TAs a former British colony you would have thought IPA would be readily available in Malaysia but no sign of it. Even the Craft Beer revolution has not made it to these shores. Dave has had to drink lager:-(

Fortunately as a seasoned traveler he always has his Gin & Tonic emergency supply with him.

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Guinness Brewery St James’s Gate

Guinness2Dave had the opportunity to taste Guinness at its best at the world famous St James’s Gate Brewery.

My Guinness was brewed from the finest Irish barley, water from the Wiklow mountains, hops from around the world and used a strain of yeast dating back over 200 years.  It was then pumped full of nitrogen, served in a 20oz tulip glass and of course let to settle for the obligatory 119.5s before being topped off and finally handed over to me for tasting.

Guinness doesn’t get any better than this… but it’s still only Guinness!

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling): (3.5 / 5)

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BrewDog back catalogue

Brewdog logo

For all you budding brewers out there.. The brilliance that is BrewDog have released their back catalogue, complete with ingredients, ‘how to’ and brewers tips for each and every beer they brew(ed) to date. The link will automatically download it in PDF format.  Happy brewing..


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Taylor’s Port

taylorsTaylor’s is one of the most highly respected producers of aged tawny Port wines.

The 10 Year Old is a blend of magnificent tawny from its extensive reserves of old cask aged Ports.

In the 20 Year Old tawny, the fruit has mellowed further than in the 10 Year Old, and the spicy, nutty aromas of ageing are more powerful and intense.

Taylor’s is one of the few remaining houses to produce a 30 Year Old aged tawny Port. Only every two or three years is a reserve of Port with sufficient structure, fruit and power to age is laid aside to age in oak casks. Those that have reached their peak after thirty years are then blended together for balance and finesse. This is one such wine.

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Wild Weather Ales Brewery Visit


The Regulars have been invited to a special  tasting at Wild Weather Ales. Based in an industrial unit just outside of Tadley historic Roman Silchester, Wild Weather Ales has been producing some great beers since 2012 AD 43.

The Regulars hope to be sampling some of their favourites like Sunset Black IPA and Shepherds Warning Pale Ale as well as the latest addition Sunday League Relegation Playoff – a red IPA.

Note from LandL0rd. No beers will be rated on this visit. The Harper Arms by-laws state that a full evenings drinking is required in order to determine the Harper Arms Rating.

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