Binghams – Space Hoppy IPA


Refreshing golden India Pale Ale with citrus hops. No marketing bullshit from this brewer  – Thanks Binghams 🙂

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling): (4.5 / 5)

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4 thoughts on “Binghams – Space Hoppy IPA”

  1. A very refreshing golden India Pale Ale with citrus hops. Just like it says on the tin. A great beer and I’m not surprised it has won awards.

    I would say I could drink it all day but at 5% I’d probably end-up under the table.

    Table Layout

    Drinking beer from 2L coke bottles is interesting but did not affect the flavour.

    BTW – LandL0rd what’s with the table layout?

  2. This beer is Clark Kent. A beer, fit for Superman, in very plain wrappings.

    Clark Kent

    Not a plain business suit and ugly glasses in this case but rather a dodgy washed out Coke bottle.

    There’s no flowery bullshit to entice you, no marvelous art work to behold (just a printed label) but twist the cap and like the famous revolving door scene in the film there’s a fantastic transformation.
    This beer is really very good, not sure if it could save the world from Lex Luther (at 5% too many pints and I may feel like I could) but then again maybe it could, maybe all Lex needed top stop being a colossal arse is a decent beer… Do Binghams distribute to Metropolis.?

  3. Space Hoppy is a marvellous beer, one of the best I’ve ever drunk, which is incidentally what you’ll most likely be too, after 2L of this golden IPA.

    If I ever see a Summer’s Day, i’ll be lining this up to drink on it.

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