The Rating

The Harper Arms Rating is our scoring system. Beers are only rated after a full evenings drinking.

(0 / 5)UndrinkableEnough said!
(1 / 5)PoorBeer that is anything from barely drinkable to drinkable with considerable resentment.
(2 / 5)AverageDrinkable beer but doesn't inspire in any way, wouldn't buy it again but you drink the beer without really noticing.
(3 / 5)GoodGood beer very drinkable. Happy to drink it all night and may seek out the beer again.
(4 / 5)Very GoodExcellent beer. Will look out for it in the future.
(5 / 5)PerfectProbably the best you are ever likely to find. The Harper Arms awards this very rarely.
Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling)


The Harper Arms Rating is broadly comparable to the National Beer Scoring System.

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