Wild Weather Ales Brewery Visit


The Regulars have been invited to a special  tasting at Wild Weather Ales. Based in an industrial unit just outside of Tadley historic Roman Silchester, Wild Weather Ales has been producing some great beers since 2012 AD 43.

The Regulars hope to be sampling some of their favourites like Sunset Black IPA and Shepherds Warning Pale Ale as well as the latest addition Sunday League Relegation Playoff – a red IPA.

Note from LandL0rd. No beers will be rated on this visit. The Harper Arms by-laws state that a full evenings drinking is required in order to determine the Harper Arms Rating.

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4 thoughts on “Wild Weather Ales Brewery Visit”

  1. A big thanks to Mike and Ian for an excellent tour. It was interesting to hear how their unique approach based on American hops, dried yeast and water from the beautiful Thames valley has enabled them to brew a wide range of extraordinary beers.

    We were able to sample 9 excellent beers and 1 interesting one (“Peach of a Day”).

    BTW – If you are looking for a brewery visit focussed on drinking not walking then this is the tour for you. All the brewing equipment is within a few feet of the bar!

  2. Best beer tour ever. You can complete the whole tour without moving further than an arms reach of the pumps. Took me a week to remember I brought home a growler of Sunbathing In The Shade! Very much looking forward to properly trying each and every one of the dozen or so beers they have on at any one time.

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