Wild Weather Ales Sunbathe in The Shade


A pale ale where satsuma and lime sit above a rich peach base giving a strong hoppy start leading to a delicate fruit finish.

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling): (4.5 / 5)

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5 thoughts on “Wild Weather Ales Sunbathe in The Shade”

  1. This beer is a Second Row/ Prop in a Summer dress (it’s 6 Nations time so I have rugby on the brain). This golden Pale Ale has a strong fruity aroma (massively Peachy to me) which dances across the nasal glands up until the first taste. The hop punch dispels that promise of summer fragrance and states in a feet planted, arms crossed mean stare fashion that this is a serious beer, which is reinforced by the lingering malty aftertaste.
    It’s a damn good beer that I think I will enjoy during the next match. Perhaps with a wry smile as I imagine ‘Sunbathe in the Shade’ as a sponsor of English rugby and picture the front row playing in Laura Ashley frocks.

  2. Most beer descriptions are written by the marketing department and have little resemblance to the beer. This is an exception. It does exactly what it says on the label. A great hoppy start mixed with wonderful citrus flavours.

    I could drink this all night.

  3. If you are are big fan of desperados and lime then this definitely the beer for you. Exceptionally easy to drink that also has a strong peach aroma. However, I am not and as a result it was difficult to drink but to a beer drinker this is definitely a high quality beer. But I will be sticking to Mojitos as this beer can only dream of being in the same bracket as this and does not fulfill the requirements that My Moijto is after.

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