Brakspear Oxford Gold


Brakspear Oxford Gold is a remarkably zesty brew, with fresh, citrussy aromas and a firm, fruity flavour. Pale ale malts provide the beer with its gold-gilt shimmer, spruced by a hatful of crystal malts to give body, texture and a delicate honey’d wrap.

The blend of hops delivers a shamelessly fresh perfume and fermentation by the  Brakspear yeast gives Brakspear Oxford Gold a fabulous, fruity finish.

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling):  (4 / 5)

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One thought on “Brakspear Oxford Gold”

  1. This beer is my Auntie Vanessa.
    At first the prospect of a family visit (in days gone by) wouldn’t inspire excitement, but with thought I’d remember that she was (and still is) bat shit crazy, ergo good fun.
    Whilst this beer doesn’t have a mental deficiency to make it appealing if I walked into a pub with this on tap I would probably look to see what else was on offer and then, if no other prospect excited, then remember it’s actually not a bad pint and wade in with a smile not a frown.

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