Guinness Brewery St James’s Gate

Guinness2Dave had the opportunity to taste Guinness at its best at the world famous St James’s Gate Brewery.

My Guinness was brewed from the finest Irish barley, water from the Wiklow mountains, hops from around the world and used a strain of yeast dating back over 200 years.  It was then pumped full of nitrogen, served in a 20oz tulip glass and of course let to settle for the obligatory 119.5s before being topped off and finally handed over to me for tasting.

Guinness doesn’t get any better than this… but it’s still only Guinness!

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling): (3.5 / 5)

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3 thoughts on “Guinness Brewery St James’s Gate”

  1. The Harper Arms bylaws state that a full evenings drinking by The Regulars is required to award the coveted Harpers Arms rating so the rating has been removed.

  2. water
    BTW – Guinness could learn a lot about Brewery Tours from Wild Weather Ales – there was way too much audio/visual experience and pretentious crap about water, and not enough drinking. It was over an hour before we tasted any beer!

  3. Guinness

    As I have never really drunk Guinness before, only tasted it (a few sips) I actually thought it was ok. Although the whole business of pouring so much into your glass and then waiting 90 seconds for it to settle before topping it up is just really annoying. The marketing department worked overtime on that.

    Would I pay €20 for a ‘free’ pint again? Probably not!

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