BrewDog – Hop Fiction

1488388763HopFiction_1.LEADAn American Pale Ale that bursts with tropical and citrus hoppy aromas.

Bright, fresh  character explodes from this seasonal brew.

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling): (4 / 5)

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One thought on “BrewDog – Hop Fiction”

  1. It’s good but not as good as Punk IPA. As with all Brew Dogs beers it’s massively hopped with a citrus nose that’s so impressive it deserves it’s own chat show. The taste doesn’t quite keep up and as such can it can only manage a silver medal when compared to Punk IPA.
    But, it’s streets ahead of some of the ‘also rans’ we’ve had in the past and an enjoyable pint.
    Give it a go; what could possibly go wrong (rhetorical question)

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