Wild Weather Ales – Keyboard Warrior


Simcoe Single Hop English Brown Ale – 3.9%

Who says an English brown ale should be dull?  Keyboard Warrior takes a traditional base and then rocks it’s world with a whole heap of Simcoe creating massive grapefruit, pine and lime notes finishing with a hint of orange zest.

Very appropriate name for The Regulars.

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling): (4 / 5)

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4 thoughts on “Wild Weather Ales – Keyboard Warrior”

  1. My last experience of brown ale was probably chugging bottles of newky brown at student parties.

    Newcastle Brown Student

    Fun times but crap beer!

    Fortunately “Keyboard Warrior” bears as much resemblance to newky brown as Silchester does to Newcastle.

    This is a quality brown ale with strong citrus flavors and that hoppy punch we except from Wild Weather Ales. Lovely.

  2. This beer is a model T ford with a V8.. a supercharged V8.

    Model T Ford

    It’s tradition with a twist. A brown ale that every beer drinker has supped and enjoyed with the citrus supercharged hoppy boost that is Wild Weathers signature.
    It’s very nice, dangerously nice in fact, many pints of the stuff disappear much quicker than they should.

  3. This is like the traditional English may-pole dance that has been choreographed by a top Bollywood film studio; all the traditional ingredients are there but there has just been something alien and magical added.

    A rock solid session beer for everyone.

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