Andwell’s Ruddy Darter

untitled2The beer, the newest to the Andwell’s range, uses malted rye to create its characteristic ruby glow. The flavours and aromas derive from a combination of English hops.

A rich ruby ale with a fruity  aroma.

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling): (4 / 5)

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4 thoughts on “Andwell’s Ruddy Darter”

  1. Traditional bitter with a slight twist. Looks beautiful in the glass with a definite ruby glow. Lovely fruit aroma and a bitter taste with a hint of malt. Delicious!

    It has restored my faith in traditional beers. I was starting to think that to get a great beer you had to add American Hops.

  2. I love a good ruby ale, and this is a good ruby ale. Very malty with a fruity zing on the sides of your tongue.

    Would be excellent on a Summer’s day.

  3. Favourite chair

    Like settling down into your favourite chair.. My faith is restored in traditional beer, using hops from Blighty and malted Rye this beer looks, smells and tastes great. We’ve had a few misses recently with the Wychwood case and Hullabaloo but this one hits the mark. I look forward to going back to Andwell Brewing Co and trying some more of their range.

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