Wild Weather Ales – Storm in a Teacup

strom-in-a-tea-cupAfter trying this in the can we had to get a couple of growlers for a proper tasting.

Earl Grey IPA.

This is a beer with a worldwide love affair blending US and NZ hops with an Australian dry hop and Chinese inspired tea finishing with an English malt back bone.

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling): (5 / 5)

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4 thoughts on “Wild Weather Ales – Storm in a Teacup”

  1. Holy Freaking Gorgeous beer Batman…!

    Bathe in beer

    If I could afford it I would bathe in this stuff, and still drink it after it’s that flippin’ lovely. Bloomin’ yummy it is.

  2. Since those other two bastards tried this without me I went and got some more for the next tasting! OMG this beer is great. Could drink it all night, although I probably wouldn’t wake up the next morning if I did…

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