Wild Weather Ales – Betrayal


Named around the unfortunate end to one of our favorite games characters “faithful steed”

PACKED with mosaic on a super light malt base for massive mango and grapefruit flavors and an intense citrus nose.

Our first king keg!

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling):  (5 / 5)

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2 thoughts on “Wild Weather Ales – Betrayal”

  1. This is damn good beer; once you get past the ‘it’s tastes a bit watery’ mind set (it doesn’t AT ALL but try telling your brain that once you’ve read the ‘4%’ text); you’re in for a treat.

    It’s like a ‘Shepherd’s Warning’ lite, which is bloody fantastic for mid-week drinking.. saves me having to get up at 05:20 the next morning feeling like I’ve been skull fucked by something unspeakable.

    I really like this beer.

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