Renegade Brewery – Red Eye PA


A collaboration with Farmageddon Brewery in Northern Ireland, a fruity, hoppy, Red IPA with bags of flavour and a dry resinous finish.

Packed with Columbus, Galaxy and Centennial hops, this hoppy Red IPA begins with big aromas of burnt orange and passion fruit followed by sweet malt flavours and a dry resinous finish. Full-on with bags of flavour.

Specially sourced at Dave’s request following his sampling of Farmageddon – India Pale Ale

Harper Arms Rating (5=Tribute, 1=Carling): (3 / 5)

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One thought on “Renegade Brewery – Red Eye PA”

  1. It’s good but a long way from the funky IPAs that are available now. The promised hoppy flavour is a little weak but the malt and citrus side are good.
    If I was offered this in a pub I wouldn’t be unhappy at all but then I wouldn’t be hopping from foot to foot like an excited child.
    Come on Renegade, stretch yourselves. Time to brew something outside your comfort zone.

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